January this year I was invited for a mission in Northern Uganda to a place called Aguuta near the border with the Republic of Southern Sudan. The region is home to the cubu clan of the Acholi tribe. The region has endured perennial conflict due to a guerilla insurgency waged by fugitive Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) against the government of Uganda. This has resulted to hundreds of thousands internally displaced peoples (IDP’S), so one of the purposes of the mission was to bring the people together many of whom had been scattered due to the conflict.

Mission to Kitgum_map


The trip took as several days, we left Nairobi Kenya on the 26th of January and arrived in Kampala Uganda at 4:00 am the next day. We spend a day in Kampala and on 28th we embarked on the final leg of the journey, arriving in a town called Kitgum at around midnight before embarking on our final destination to Aguuta.



We arrived in Aguuta on the 29th and my team and I were warmly received by our hosts led by Elder Robinson. The meeting started with several speakers giving us a brief history of the clan. It was interesting to learn that the clan had been scattered for more than 30 years and we (Charles Muyu Ministries) are so far the first and only missionaries to visit the region. The people were very grateful to have come together after years and years of conflict and exile testifying how this meeting was surely the working of God.

The elders of the clan presented their prayer requests and one thing that stood out was the perennial conflict in the area that has led to unnecessary loss of life.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that I got the chance to minister the Word of God. I taught how the fall of Adam had brought about sin and consequent suffering and how Jesus came to set us free from sin and give us eternal life. In the process I called on Pastor Nyang’au from Kenya who gave a powerful testimony of how he had been delivered after many years in the occult.

Mission to Kitgum_Bishop Charles Muyu


Mission to Kitgum_evening



Mission to Kitgum_facing the congregation


Mission to Kitgum_the congregation



The next day I continued ministering on the previous day’s teaching before handing over to my colleagues Pastor Simon Githinji and Bishop Kitoila who ministered for the rest of the day. As we closed the day’s session I made an altar call and many people came forward. The power of God was clearly present for the people were delivered from bondage.

Mission to Kitgum_crowd




On this day I ministered to the people for the whole day before once again praying for the congregation where people were healed from their sickness and delivered from bondage.

Mission to Kitgum_praying for the people 2


Mission to Kitgum_praying for the people


This being our final day and a Sunday, I taught about the Holy Spirit explaining to the congregation the importance and why being filled by the Holy Spirit is a NECESSITY in our walk as Christians. I then prayed for the people to receive the Holy Spirit which they did.

Finally, I thanked the people of Aguuta for hosting us and the great reception they had accorded us. I also established a new church in the area naming it Aguuata Gospel Pentecostal Tabernacle Church. The next day 2nd of February we began our journey back to Nairobi Kenya.

Mission to Kitgum_visit to school

Overall the mission was very successful. We hope to continue spreading the word of God and establishing churches in far flung areas. All in all, WE GIVE ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD!